410 Engine Platform Introduced Starting in 2025

410 Engine Platform Introduced Starting in 2025

Starting for the 2025 Rapid Tire Services, USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series presented by Capitol Renegade season, the 410ci Engine option has been allowed for the series. Exact rules such as Injection Restrictors, that many teams already use, are also being researched for the upcoming season as well

The series has long been a spot for drivers coming out of the 600cc ranks to find a home in racing a non wing sprint car, and potentially launch their career on the national scale. Recently, we have heard concerns from not only existing teams, but potential teams coming into the series about the long range outcast of 360 racing, which has seen a decline in the area along with on a national level, with prices of 360 engines rivaling the cost of some 410 engines. Being that the series spends a lot of time the Central PA area, there is an almost never-ending supply of used 410 engines that can, and will be available to teams who feel the need to run the 410 option for 2025.

The decision also comes based off of watching a significant number of our teams already having 410 engines and competing on a national level with the USAC National Series and or moving to 410 winged racing in central Pennsylvania in what we feel will be an exciting new option moving forward!

We have a unique situation as a 360 series of having a limited pool of 360 teams to attract to our events. With the 410 option, we feel our current teams can continue to run their 360 and still race for wins within a handicapping system. The 410 option also allows newly interested teams to buy an engine that the entire country utilizes, non wing and winged. Adding the 410 now allows teams to still have the option to sell their 360 while it is still currently being used in winged racing on the east coast and in other parts of the country. The 410 option will also allow teams from anywhere in the country to more easily compete with the series on a race to race basis. Be it, USAC National, BOSS or even Central Pa racers.

Additionally, there are many drivers in Central Pennsylvania who have expressed interest in wanting to compete with the series, or who have already competed wingless, and potentially allow them to compete with the series when stops occur at their home tracks which is an extremely exciting prospect for the series and fans of the series.

After seven seasons of competition, we know that our drivers are more than capable of competing with the best of the best, and the move to allow 410’s, the most hard to handle, exciting to watch sprint cars on the planet will only make our drivers even better and establish them as names known across the country! While allowing our tracks and partners to know that they have the most exciting class of race cars to compete at their facility.

The series will continue to explore options to help keep the playing field as level as possible for all teams, new and old, moving forward. This includes the 410 Injector restrictor that many non-wing 410 teams already utilize.

The 2024 Rapid Tire Service, USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series, presented by Capitol Renegade season kicks off in just a few weeks at the Georgetown Delaware Speedway on April 5th, before moving to the Bridgeport Motorsports Park on April 6th.

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